Senior Real Estate Specialist – Teri Barton

July 30th, 2015

Teri Barton, CEO of the Compass Real Estate Team, has more than 12 years of experience being a real estate specialist, serving in Pasadena, San Marino, and the San Gabriel Valley.

In addition to being a senior specialist, Teri also specializes in the Luxury, Global, and Relocation markets.The foundation of the Compass Real Estate Team is rooted in elite customer service and efficient, ethical, and win-win results.

Check out the video below and contact the Compass Real Estate Team if you’d like to know more about your local market!

Over 55 real estate: Share your burden

July 10th, 2014

Selling over 55 real estate is much more than a transaction. There’s an emotional component to selling a long-time family home. You will have special memories tied to the property after so many years there. Senior real estate specialists can help ease the transition by helping you prepare for the next chapter in your life. Whether you are over 55 and selling on your own, or you are helping a parent or other loved one make a big change, you’ll need support throughout the process.

Assessing over 55 real estate

Agents specializing in over 55 real estate have the expertise to assess your property and make suggestions for how to prepare it for sale. They may recommend hiring staging professionals who can help you showcase your home’s best features. Or, they make recommend updates to interior décor, painting or other superficial changes that can give your home a more modern appeal.

Pricing your over 55 real estate

The next step is to figure out pricing/marketing strategies. Real estate agents can offer insight on market conditions and comparable sales to help you determine the best pricing. By preparing a market analysis, your senior real estate specialist can develop a plan for pricing and marketing your property.

Working with senior real estate specialists

Senior real estate specialists want to share your burden. Good agents will offer to assemble a team to help you prepare your home and make the move. That team can include movers, landscapers and stagers to handle all the labor involved in the process. Attorneys and mortgage brokers can be brought in to help you with the paperwork. Your agent may help you find a new home locally or refer you to an SRES designee elsewhere if you want to relocate to a city near your children.
Agents with the right training will handle your interests with care and patience, sharing your burden as you move through a difficult life change.

Over 55 real estate: Choosing an agent

June 18th, 2014

The over 55 real estate industry is thriving as Baby Boomers buy their own retirement homes, while also helping their parents downsize from larger family homes to maintenance-free condos or assisted living communities.

But the over 55 real estate client needs different things than young families or professionals. For an agent that will understand your unique priorities, you should consider a seniors real estate specialist.

With specialized training, an agent will better understand your challenges, such as:
* Packing up a lifetime of memories to sell a longtime family home

* Finding a home close to good health-care and public transport access

* Staying within a budget, so as not to strain retirement savings

Key points to selecting an over 55 real estate agent

Is your agent listening to you?

A good agent will pay attention to your words. They won’t interrupt you to ask questions or correct you, but will wait until you are finished speaking to respond. You should be able to tell they are sincere from their attitude toward you and your concerns. Seniors real estate specialists understand the importance of meeting your unique needs.

How does the agent respond to your comments?

Is the agent giving your words due consideration, or more focused on giving you a sales pitch? The right agent will most likely ask questions or ask for clarification. Ideally, they’ll make sure you’re on the same page about your wishes or concerns, and elaborate on their own plans on how to achieve your goals.


How does the agent’s attitude make you feel?

When you interview a potential agent, they should speak to you respectfully and patiently. Agents trained to work with over 55 real estate clients are coached to develop “emotional intelligence,” a skill that allows them to put your needs ahead of their own emotional reactions to any turmoil that may be related to the selling of your family home.


Getting your home ready to sell is a huge undertaking. Working with your agent shouldn’t be one more burden for you. A good agent will not only provide you with their contact information so you can reach them, but will schedule a time to check in with you. Rather than giving you the task of maintaining communication, a good agent will check in with you and have the tools to help move the process forward each time you speak.
If you select an agent experienced with over 55 real estate, you’ll feel supported throughout the transition and your agent will have lifted at least one burden from your shoulders.

Buying a retirement home: Before going overseas ask these questions

May 16th, 2014

Buying a retirement home overseas is becoming a more popular choice. Whether it’s the adventure of immersing yourself in another culture, or the appeal of stretching your savings further in a country with a lower cost-of-living, it’s a major decision that deserves careful consideration.

When buying a retirement home abroad, consider the following:


How will you feel about living far from your family? While it’s true that you can traverse great distances in a matter of hours via airplane, consider how you might feel if a loved one was ill or in an accident, and you were 11 hours’ travel time from their bedside. Even in the ideal situation, where everyone is healthy and happy, you are likely to see them face-to-face far less often with such a great distance between you.

buying a retirement home

Costa Rica


Before buying a retirement home in a foreign country, do your research. Is good medical care available and at what cost? Check into whether there are nearby clinics and how far you’d need to go to get to an accredited hospital.


When choosing your retirement destination, consider whether you’ll need to learn a new language. If you don’t want to do that, you may want to limit your search to destinations — or specific communities within countries — where you can easily speak English.


The weather might appear a vacationers’ dream come true at first glance. But will you enjoy the weather during all seasons, when there are fewer tourists? Consider whether there are extreme storms or other natural hazards. Many tropical locations could be hit by hurricanes or tsunamis, for example.

Visit my International Markets page for a better idea about different areas of the world you could potentially live. If you’re committed to the idea of buying a retirement home overseas — which is a perfectly great option for some retirees — you may search for property for sale all over the world with my Global Search.

Buying a retirement home the Boomer way

April 22nd, 2014

buying a retirement home, pasadenaBuying a retirement home is an opportunity to finally get that dream home. At least, that’s the way 70 percent of Baby Boomers see it, according to a national survey of adults aged 49-67 released by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

The survey indicated 57 percent of Boomers planned to move out of their current home, and 70 percent believe the house they retire in will be the best home in which they have ever lived. The survey also showed that 1 out of 4 Boomers also planned to buy a second home during their retirement years, such as a vacation or beach house.

Showing renewed confidence in the real estate market, 31 percent of Baby Boomers are more likely to want to sell their current home than they were five years ago.

The survey was conducted by Wakefield Research in February 2014.

Buying a retirement home that best meets your goals

If anything, the results of this survey simply illustrate what I’ve already seen firsthand in the Pasadena area real estate market. Baby Boomers are optimistic about their future, and they’re planning active, independent lifestyles. The fact that such a large percentage of boomers intend to buy their best home ever for retirement — and a quarter of them plan to buy a second vacation home — shows their optimism for achieving the ideal retirement.

But of course, people buying a retirement home still have certain goals to achieve, and working with the right agent can make a difference it your experience with the real estate market. There are those retirees who will want to relocate to distant locations. Working with an agent who has experience with international real estate, or even just helping clients relocate across the US, can be valuable. But the survey shows many boomers — some 72 percent — plan to retire in the state where they live. Staying close to children and grandchildren can make your retirement years fulfilling, even if you’re not quite ready to settle down in a retirement community and spend your days playing cards.

Even if you stay close to home, you may have some specific requirements you want met, whether that’s finding a home with custom features, or buying a place that going to require as little upkeep as possible. The survey showed than two-thirds of retirees — or 69 percent — who plan to move are willing to update or renovate a home if necessary. And 42 percent of respondents want a home with low-maintenance requirements.

Working with an agent who will listen and understand your goals can smooth the way toward finding that perfect place and make buying a retirement home the great experience it should be.

Pasadena retirees: Here’s where you can get more for less

February 25th, 2014
Pasadena retirees

The Daytona Beach area is one of the more affordable retirement destinations in the nation.

Pasadena retirees in search of great quality life at affordable prices should consider these 10 locales reported by the AARP as the most affordable cities to retire in the nation. Most of these destinations have a combination of lower median mortgage payments and entertainment and recreation that is free or low-cost for higher quality of life at lower prices.

Pasadena retirees looking for an idyllic setting and great places should take a look at Daytona/Deltona/Ormond Beach, Florida .

The median home mortgage cost is just $416 in this area, and there is no tax on Social Security or pensions. Access to the beach, ballfields, state parks, the Atlantic, Gulf and fresh water (fabulous fishing!) don’t hurt either. Read more stats on the community in the AARP article.

Pocatello, Idaho offers outdoor recreation, along with low cost of living.

The potato state makes the list with a median home mortgage of just $487. There’s no tax on Social Security, though there is one on pensions, with some exemptions available. But these facts aren’t the only reason retirees are seeking out Pocatello. There’s also nearby skiing, with reduced prices for seniors, and miles of trails of hiking, biking and horseback-riding, along with waters for kayaking and whitewater rafting. In town, tours of historical architecture and classes at Idaho State University draw those seeking to enrich their minds.

Other locales Pasadena retirees could consider

Erie, Pennsylvania

The median mortgage payment here is $407. There is no tax on Social Security or pensions, either. But Erie has a lot more to offer than small-town price tags. It has gorgeous beaches on Lake Erie, minor league baseball team, an NBA development team and a major junior ice hockey team, along with other entertainment you’d find in bigger cities. There’s also great history to be explored here.

 Louisville, Kentucky

The median home payment is $489. There’s no tax on Social Security and only a partial tax on pensions. The city is home to the Louisiville Slugger Museum & Factory — and has several baseball teams you can catch in action s– and the Kentucky Derby, as well as the Urban Bourbon Trail.

Pasadena retirees

Pueblo, Colo. is among affordable destinations for Pasadena retirees looking to relocate.

Pueblo, Colo.

Median mortgage payment is $392. However, there are taxes on both Social Security and pensions. This desert town offers archaeological treasures, a great library and expanding health care options — not to mention the river (including a Historic Arkansas River Project) and skiing within a couple hours’ travel.

Bangor, Maine

The median mortgage payment is $421. There’s no tax on Social Security, but there is on pensions, with some exceptions. The outdoors and a vibrant arts scene, allow for affordable entertainment.

Greenville, S.C.

Median mortgage payment is $487. No tax on Social Security, but pensions are taxed with some exemptions.

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Median mortgage is $436 a month. An international art competition, and ice hockey are a couple of recreational draws.

 South Bend, Ind.

Median mortgage payment is just $315. Even with Notre Dame as a major centerpiece, this town caters to a retirement population with minimal property taxes and plenty of outdoor recreation. Of course, Notre Dame brings sports and entertainment to the town, as well.

 Sherman/Denison, Texas

Median mortgage is $303 monthly, and there’s no tax on Social Security or pensions.  Plenty of arts, festivals and public transportation are key perks in the area.

If you’re among the Pasadena retirees hoping to retire in style on a budget, contact me for more information about how best to relocate to your dream destination.